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Diamond Quick Shine

Diamond Quick Shine

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  • Micro polymer spray wax cleans, magnifies shine, and protects in one easy step
  • Repels dust, water, and contains UV absorbers to protect from sun and weather damage
  • Deep, glossy, brilliant shine with zero residue, hazing, or smears
  • Easy application: simply mist on and buff to a magnificent shine
  • Anti-static gloss magnifying formula for use on paintwork, chrome, plastics, glass, mirrors, and more
  • Pleasant scent that enhances your detailing experience


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Diamond Quick Shine is formulated using a blend of micro polymers, UV absorbers, and other eco-friendly ingredients to create an effective and sustainable product.


  • Spray directly on paint or glass
  • Use a microfiber towel to wipe off


Diamond Quick Shine is a ready-to-use micro polymer spray wax designed to clean, magnify shine, and protect all painted surfaces in just one easy step. This advanced formula repels dust and water while containing UV absorbers to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of the sun and weather.

With Diamond Quick Shine, you'll achieve a deep, glossy, brilliant shine with zero residue, hazing, or smears. The easy application process involves simply misting the product onto the surface and buffing it to a magnificent shine. Its special anti-static gloss magnifying formula can be used on paintwork, chrome, plastics, glass, mirrors, and any other shiny surface.

In addition to its primary uses, Diamond Quick Shine can also be used as a clay lubricant, ensuring a smooth and safe detailing experience. This versatile product

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