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Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate

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Your Ultimate Destination for Car Care Essentials


  • Streak-free, crystal clear finish for automotive glass
  • All-natural, eco-friendly formula
  • Safe for use on all types of glass surfaces
  • Concentrated formula, dilute with water for desired strength
  • Efficient and effective at removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints
  • 30:1 concentrate




  • All-natural, eco-friendly ingredients


  1. Dilute Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate with water at a 30:1 ratio
  2. Spray the solution onto a clean microfiber cloth or directly onto the glass surface
  3. Wipe the surface clean in a back-and-forth motion
  4. Buff with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a streak-free, crystal clear finish


Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate is the ultimate solution for streak-free, crystal clear automotive glass cleaning. This all-natural, eco-friendly formula is safe for use on all types of glass surfaces, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

The concentrated formula allows you to dilute the cleaner with water to your desired strength, making it efficient and effective at removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints. With a 30:1 concentrate, you'll get more cleaning power with less product.

Say goodbye to streaks and hazy residue with Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate. Experience the difference of an all-natural, eco-friendly glass cleaner that delivers professional results. Order your Blue Glass Cleaner Concentrate today and enjoy crystal clear automotive glass like never before!

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