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Banana Wet Wax - Premium Synthetic Long Lasting Automotive Wax

Banana Wet Wax - Premium Synthetic Long Lasting Automotive Wax

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Your Ultimate Destination for Car Care Essentials


  • Extra long-lasting synthetic wax with a brilliant wet-look shine
  • Combination of resins and polymers protects against UV and environmental damage
  • Super-slick finish is dust resistant and can be layered for extra slickness and protection
  • Easy on, easy off formula with a pleasant banana scent
  • Can be used with an orbital or by hand, eco-friendly and safe ingredients


Banana scent


  • Premium synthetic resins and polymers
  • Eco-friendly and safe ingredients


  1. Wash and dry your vehicle thoroughly
  2. Apply a small amount of Banana Wet Wax to a foam applicator or microfiber cloth
  3. Spread evenly onto the surface, working in small sections
  4. Allow the wax to dry to a haze
  5. Buff off with a clean microfiber cloth, revealing a brilliant wet-look shine
  6. Can be used with an orbital or by hand


Introducing Banana Wet Wax, a premium synthetic long-lasting automotive wax designed to provide a brilliant wet-look shine. This eco-friendly formula combines resins and polymers, creating a protective barrier against UV and environmental damage.

Banana Wet Wax boasts a super-slick finish that is extremely dust resistant, and it can be layered for even more slickness and protection. Its easy on, easy off formula is infused with a pleasant banana scent, adding an enjoyable sensory experience to your vehicle maintenance routine.

Suitable for use with an orbital or by hand, Banana Wet Wax is committed to green chemistry, incorporating eco-friendly practices and ingredients to ensure a safe and effective product. Experience the ultimate in wet-look shine and protection with Banana Wet Wax – order yours today!

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