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Leather Cleaner Concentrate

Leather Cleaner Concentrate

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  • Highly effective, concentrated formula for all types of leather surfaces
  • 4-1 concentrate for professional leather cleaning
  • Proprietary blend of pH-balanced ingredients
  • Green product and VOC compliant
  • All-natural leather scent
  • Economical option - makes 1 gallon of cleaner


All-natural leather scent


Proprietary blend of pH-balanced ingredients


  • Dilute with water at 4-1 ratio
  • Apply to leather surface and wipe clean


Experience the professional's choice for leather cleaning with Leather Cleaner Concentrate. Our highly effective, concentrated formula is designed to gently clean, restore, and enhance the appearance of all types of leather surfaces, without causing any discoloration.

The 4-1 concentrate offers great value and is perfect for professional leather cleaning, whether for auto, RV, boat, or planes. Our proprietary blend of pH-balanced ingredients penetrates deep into the pores of leather to remove dirt and grime, leaving behind a clean, rejuvenated finish.

Leather Cleaner Concentrate is a green product and VOC compliant, making it a safer choice for both you and the environment. With its all-natural leather scent, Pure Leather Refresher provides a pleasant aroma that adds to the rejuvenation of your leather surfaces.

The concentrate formula makes 1 gallon of cleaner, providing an economical option for customers needing more than a single-use solution. To use, simply dilute with water at a 4-1 ratio and apply to the leather surface, then wipe clean.

So why wait? Try Leather Cleaner Concentrate today and experience the professional's choice for leather cleaning.

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